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There is no sailing experience necessary to join Liberty Sailing Club. We will help with introducing you to the basic's and getting you up to speed as quick as possible. Soon you will be impressing your friends with nautical terminology and great knot tying skills.

Additional Training Options

Sailing Basics

Ready to step aboard? Just in case, here is a reminder about a few boat basics.

10 terms to know before you board the boat.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you learn them.

BOW– the front of the boat
STERN– the back of the boat
PORT– left of boat from the bow 
STARBOARD– right of boat from the bow
MAIN SAIL– biggest sail, connects to boom
FORESAIL– smaller sail, connects to bow of boat
HELM– where the tiller is located
TACK– when the front of the boat turns towards wind
GYBE– when the back of the boat turns toward the wind and the boom swings over
COCKPIT– where you sit in the stern of the boat

Recommended Gear

Wondering what to bring? Here are our suggestions.

   •   PFD (Personal Flotation Devices are required
        for all sails on LSC boats)
   •   Water friendly clothes and non-marking shoes
   •   Polarized sun glasses
   •   Hat
   •   Sunscreen 
   •   Bottle of Water
   •   Sailing Gloves
   •   Wind breaker
   •   Foul weather gear
   •   Plastic baggies to protect electronics
   •   Cash for Happy Hour!

Wondering where to get some of this stuff? 


   •   Landfall Navigation
   •   Defender
   •   West Marine in Cherry Hill, NJ
   •   Annapolis Performance Sailing, Annapolis, MD
   •   REI Outdoor gear, Marlton, NJ
   •   Onyx Boating and Fishing Gear
   •   Citi Marine Store