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Dimensions ft/lb m/kg
LOA 27.50 8.38
LWL 23.00 7.01
Beam 8.50 2.59
Standard Draft 4.90 1.49
Standard Ballast 1,530 694
Displacement 3,800 1,724
Engine outboard
J27 Image

The Liberty Sailing Club Fleet consist of seven J-27 boats. These boats are ideal for racing and cruising and are a great source of fun for inexperienced and experienced sailors because of their superb stability. They are highly responsive and relatively easy to sail provided they are tuned well, trimmed appropriately and handled according to specifications. When wind conditions hit 10+ knots, they offer an exhilarating ride both upwind and down wind. Their stability provides a smooth ride on the Delaware River for going out on relaxing cruises.

(Located at the Philadelphia Marina):

(MA) Massachusetts C-25
(CT) Connecticut C-23
(IND) Independence C-21
(GA) Georgia C-19
(NJ) New Jersey C-17
(PA) Pennsylvania C-15
(DE) Delaware C-13